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Don’s Removals and Storage facility are conveniently based in the heart of the Gold Coast’s Burleigh Heads. Our secure storage units offer a wide range of short term and long term storage solutions for all your Personal, Residential and Business storage needs. We are 100% proudly family-owned and run for over 50 years. You can rest assured that we are the number one choice for your Gold Coast storage needs. We provide the complete expert solutions for all your storage requirements from furniture, office records, equipment, distributors’ goods, surplus stock, cars, household goods, caravans and even boats. If you have anything to be stored, we have the space you need. We take care of making sure your storage belongings are satisfyingly held to our utmost highest standards.

Surfside security systems

Safety first storage.

Our facility is built on high ground, providing you with the peace of mind that inclement weather will not risk the safety of your personal effects. Our facility is equipped with a number of exhaust fans to keep it cooler on those hotter days; this ensures that the heat that we experience here in Queensland does not adversely affect your furniture and possessions while they are in storage. The type and quality of cartons that you use to pack your belongings will reflect directly as to how your goods will travel.

The use of cartons sourced from your local supermarket, or small open cartons which cannot be stacked for transit, take a lot longer to load and unload than purpose-built cartons. Also, remember the weight that one or two men can be reasonably expected to lift/move. Cartons which are ‘oversized’ will only dramatically slow the moving process due to the awkwardness, and weight. The use of purpose-built removal cartons will speed the removal process and ensure the safe transit of breakables packed inside.

Storage Gold Coast – What You Need To Know

How to choose the right storage unit

Choosing a good and trustworthy storage facility is almost the same as finding the appropriate lessor. The good part here is you only have to deal with the facility owner once when you sign the contract and move in. The quality of our services would ensure you will have no issues leading to no need to have further contact with us as long as your obligations as per the contract are held in the given periods, such as paying rent on time.

Decide on the correct storage unit you require

You should always plan ahead and think thoroughly; Even making a list of the exact types of items you wish to store in a secure lockup unit. You might have figured out the relevant size you would need for storage to keep all of your items stored. You should also take into consideration the little extra space needed to fit yourself in as well, especially if you are planning to have some kind of activity such as repairing some of your equipment. Other reasons to accommodate for some extra free space ahead is to avoid the nuisance it would otherwise cause when you want to take some of the items out. Imagine storage packed wall to wall. There would be no space to work with, and you would have to complete reorder it or in some cases even move to another storage.

People generally make a mistake in choosing the smallest possible option for money-saving purposes. However, in the end; it comes with other “costs”. You don’t want to be the guy that just spent 2 hours looking for a box at the back of your storage unit. Then again if you have developed a perfect system for storing items, this might be the best option for you. We have over 50 years of storing experience, and we are here to help guide you with our expert knowledge.

Other factors to take into consideration

We guarantee a range of solutions for all of your needs with a 24/7 patrol, high-quality security systems, monitoring and alarms leading to premium quality services. However, please do not take our word for it. Check out our reviews and testimonials from our happy clients, which we have received during the long years of experience we have acquired in the field. They would give you an insight into the quality of the services we provide.

Accessibility is key to having the perfect storage facility. The majority of people tend to choose the facility that is closest to their homes. Often that is not the best option for various reasons might make them less accessible than facilities located at seemingly distant areas. We have ensured the comfort of access to our clients, choosing a location which is convenient for our customers even during the rush hours.

Your welcome to ask us anything…

Last but not least, feel free to ask us any question you have regarding our services. Our friendly staff will deliver an informative answer in a few minutes on any topic regarding our facilities to help you make the right choice..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can’t I store?

In our facility, we ask that paint, flammables and gas bottles to not be stored so we can ensure all safety precautions are taken for all our clients.


2. What security provisions do you have in place?

At our gated complex here in Burleigh, we pride ourselves in being a high-security storage facility. We provide 24hour alarmed security with motion detectors throughout, CCTV coverage as well as floodlights throughout the night.

3. How are my goods packed in storage?

Our team carefully stows your goods away using our storage coverings, corrugated cardboard etc. We take an inventory of your goods and are stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse or shipping containers depending on your preference.

4. What is the shortest and longest period of storage?

We have short term storage from as little as one week to long term storage for as long as needed (eg. Months or years). Whatever you need we are more than happy to oblige.

5. Where is your storage facility located?

Our storage facility is located with our managed office at 14 Taree Street, Burleigh Heads. Keeping our depot centrally located to most of the Gold Coast and easy to find.

6. What if I need access to my goods?

Access is not an issue should you need to get to your possessions. When our staff members come to your home to collect your goods please let them know what items you may need making it a much easier process for you should you need to come in and collect anything. We have equipment readily on hand (eg. Forklift, trolleys or skates) to make your collection as easy as possible.

7. What if I needed to store goods on pallets for commercial purposes?

At Dons Removals and Storage we have our own forklift for easy loading and unloading of pallets or overweight items.

8. What size storage areas do you provide?

We have a range of different sized areas to fit your needs. Whether you need to store 2 singular items or a large 5 bedroom home we can help you with all your storage requirements.

9. Do you store cars, boats or caravans?

We have a lot of experience in storing these vehicles. Always undercover and well looked after until the time you choose to need them.

Safe, Secure and Clean Storage Units

Don’s storage facility is fully alarmed, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring, and patrolled on a 24-hour basis. We have ongoing pest control and fumigation program which ensure that your valued possessions do not become infested with insect and/or rodent pests.

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