Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1. Should I turn off my fridge a day before the removal?

Most fridges are frost-free these days and only need to be turned off 1 hour prior to moving. Our professional team will let you know when the best time is to remove your cold goods so nothing goes to waste.


2. What do I do with my TV if I do not have the box?

Our Trucks are fitted with professional equipment including thick removals blankets that cover your TV whilst in transit.


3. Should I empty my drawers when moving?

Please keep in mind the weight of the items in your drawers for the pure reason that the runners of your drawers are not designed to be full and moved and we pride ourselves of keeping your goods in the best condition.


4. How do I pack pictures/frames?

Depending on the size of your pictures and frames we would advise you to prepackaged them in our professional moving boxes and butchers paper OR if they are too big to fit In a box we will pack them in our removal truck the same as a TV – covered safely in thick removal blankets.


5. What happens if I have settlement?

We help many of our clients with settlement times and ensure that our men have your goods out of your home prior to your cutoff time (which is usually 2pm) and then into your new home straight away once you have received your keys whilst avoiding any downtime.


6. How long will my removal take?

Because not any removal is the same please give us a call on 55935 027 and we can calculate a time frame and give you a better idea of pricing as well as answering any further questions you may have.


7. How do I make my removal as cost effective as possible?

Try and pack everything into boxes before we arrive this means that our men can use all boxes as ‘walls’ in our truck and can make sure that our load is carefully and quickly packed with what we like to call ’square edges’. If everything is packed our men can go straight into your home and take everything rather than possibly waiting for boxes to be packed.

If you are able putting all boxes into a room/part of the house you aren’t using can help as it gives our men plenty of room to take out your ‘big furniture’ and gives them a direct place to go when a box can be used to fill a gap in our truck thus saving time.

LIFT ACCESS – please book your lift times prior to us arriving to your removal. This gives us optimal time to use your lift without any interference from other residents who also use the lifts. Most high-rises will allow at least a two hour window that they will shut off a particular lift for us.


8. What do I do if I have lift access?

Lifts are no issue to our team and we deal with them o a regular basis. Due to management usually our men will be asked to take the goods from your room to the basement floor of the high-rise and then to thee truck which can be parked on the street if allowed. To ensure your removal is done as economically as possible we can provide our tray back utility to ferry the goods from the lift to our truck saving you time and getting the most out of your removal time.


9. Will your truck fit my whole home?

At Dons we have a variety of different sized vehicles to custom fit your removal to ensure your whole removal is done all on the same day and in the one load.


10. Do I need to give a deposit?

No deposit is needed prior to moving.


1. What can’t I store?

In our facility we ask that paint, flammables and gas bottles to not be stored so we can ensure all safety precautions are taken for all our clients.


2. What security previsions do you have in place?

At our gated complex here in Burleigh we pride ourselves in being a high security storage facility. We provide 24hour alarmed security with motion detectors throughout, CCTV coverage as well as flood lights throughout the night.


3. How are my goods packed in storage?

Our team carefully stows your goods away using our storage coverings, corrugated cardboard etc. We take an inventory of your goods and are stored in our temperature controlled warehouse or shipping containers depending on your preference.


4. What is the shortest and longest period of storage?

We have short term storage from as little as one week to long term storage for as long as needed (eg. Months or years). Whatever you need we are more than happy to oblige.


5. Where is your storage facility located?

Our storage facility is located with our managed office at 14 Taree Street, Burleigh Heads. Keeping our depot centrally located to most of the Gold Coast and easy to find.


6. What if I need access to my goods?

Access is not an issue should you need to get to your possessions. When our staff members come to your home to collect your goods please let them know what items you may need making it a much easier process for you should you need to come in and collect anything. We have equipment readily on hand (eg. Forklift, trolleys or skates) to make your collection as easy as possible.


7. What if I needed to store goods on pallets for commercial purposes?

At Dons Removals and Storage we have our own forklift for easy loading and unloading of pallets or overweight items.


8. What size storage areas do you provide?

We have a range of different sized areas to fit your needs. Whether you’re need to store 2 singular items or a large 5 bedroom home we can help you with all your storage requirements.


9. Do you store cars, boats or caravans?

We have a lot of experience in storing these vehicles. Always undercover and well looked after until the time you choose to need them.